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About Ochre Education

We’re here to help teachers by providing the foundation for great lessons.

Ochre Education is a new Australian not-for-profit resource hub, created by teachers, for teachers. We believe all children have the right to a quality education. We are pooling expertise, and working in partnership with the education sector, to support teachers to teach, and to enable all students to access, a high-quality curriculum everywhere.

We achieve this by working with a community of teachers to develop and support the use of a comprehensive bank of free, quality-assured, curriculum-linked teaching resources, able to be accessed by any teacher anywhere.   

Through providing access to high-quality, teacher-made materials, for teachers to use and adapt, we aim to improve Australian education – perhaps dramatically – and help to close Australia’s large, persistent and growing disadvantage gap. 

Through our comprehensive bank of high-quality instructional resources, we are:

  • Sharing the brilliance of expert teachers across the country
  • Providing high-quality, optional, evidence-based lessons designed to be easily adaptable through teachers’ professional judgement to meet varied learning needs and context
  • Making lesson materials accessible and easy to find, reducing inefficient planning by freeing up teachers to focus on the needs of students in their classes, rather than searching for and verifying resources
  • Providing inspiration for teachers to plan and think about their own curriculum and lesson planning, including better supporting teachers through curriculum changes
  • Supporting teacher professional development through the creation of our materials, and through their use as practical exemplars of best practice curriculum and teaching approaches
  • Ochre has resources and ideas in one place, to support new teachers starting out or experienced teachers updating programs.
  • We are a free platform available for all teachers and students across Australia, with no sign-ups or logins required.
  • We have ambitious goals to grow our support in the years ahead. We've big plans to develop a comprehensive bank of resources across all subjects and year levels.
  • Ochre Education is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.
  • All our materials are completely optional, adaptable and flexible, free, and high-quality. That means curriculum-aligned and knowledge-rich; comprehensive, coherent and sequenced; apply evidence-based strategies for effective teaching; and developed and quality-assured by expert teachers and curriculum leaders.

How We Started

Ochre was started in August 2021 by Reid Smith (an experienced Victorian school leader) and Caroline Reed (an education policy-maker based in NSW), inspired by the Oak National Academy team in the UK.