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About Ochre Education

Ochre Education is a new Australian not-for-profit online classroom and resource hub, created by teachers, for teachers. Established to help Australian teachers to deliver more great lessons, Ochre is supporting every child to have fair access to high-quality education.

Ochre is inspired by the UK’s successful Oak National Academy.

Through its Australian bank of video lessons and instructional resources, Ochre aims to: 

  • share high-quality, curriculum-aligned lessons and instructional materials, created by fellow teachers, freeing up teachers to allow them to focus on working directly with students;
  • enable students away from school to access those same great lessons in our online classroom;
  • support teacher professional development through demonstrations of evidence-based teaching practice embedded in the curriculum.
  • Ochre has resources and ideas in one place, to support new teachers starting out or experienced teachers updating programs.
  • It is a free platform available for all teachers and students across Australia, with no sign-ups or logins required.
  • Ochre aims to work with Australian teachers to produce 8,000 lessons and materials by the end of the 2022 school year.
  • Ochre Education is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.
  • Like Oak National Academy, Ochre has been created partly in response to the covid-19 pandemic as a safety net for schools and students in the event that in-person learning is faced with additional disruption. Ochre’s teacher-led videos and easily shareable lessons offer a complete and instant back-up for remote learning.

How We Started

Ochre was started in August 2021 by Reid Smith (an experienced Victorian school leader) and Caroline Reed (an education policy-maker based in NSW), inspired by the Oak National Academy team in the UK.