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We are a national not-for profit committed to advancing student outcomes and closing the disadvantage gap by supporting teachers to teach, and enabling all Australian students to access a high-quality curriculum, through our online library.

We achieve this by working with a community of teachers to develop and support the use of an expertly-sequenced curriculum, alongside a comprehensive library which collects, curates and distributes free, evidence-based, quality-assured, and curriculum-linked teaching resources, to be adapted and used by any teacher anywhere.

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The problem

There are persistent and entrenched educational inequalities in Australia.

Students from priority equity cohorts are three times more likely to fall below minimum standards, with the learning gap increasing over time.

Quality teaching is the most important in-school factor affecting student learning, but many teachers face significant challenges in delivering a high-quality curriculum.
More than half of teachers are not satisfied with their school’s current approach to curriculum planning.
While research shows high-quality curriculum materials improve teacher practice and student outcomes, currently many teachers don’t have the support they need.

85 percent of teachers do not have access to a shared bank of high-quality curriculum materials. Teachers in disadvantaged schools are only half as likely to have access to a shared bank as teachers in advantaged schools.

Lack of shared curriculum resources is also contributing to workload pressure for teachers.

A typical teacher who has access to shared curriculum materials for all their classes can save 3 hours a week.

Our solution

Our mission is to drive equity in Australian education. Our vision is that all teachers have access to high-quality curriculum resources, through our online library, to maximise teacher expertise so that they can provide all students with the educational opportunities they want and deserve.

Ochre Education Resource Library works with Australian education leaders to bring together a community of expert teachers to:

  • Develop an expertly sequenced curriculum across every subject for years F-10.
  • Create a comprehensive library which collects, curates and distributes quality-assured and evidence-based instructional resources.
  • Make the library resources available to all teachers, everywhere.
  • Support the use of the library resources through curriculum-aligned professional learning

High-quality curriculum and resources


resources cover Australian and state content and standards.

Sequenced and mapped deliberately and coherently

presenting new materials incrementally, connecting new content to prior learning, and giving students ample opportunities to practice.

Knowledge and vocabulary rich

priority given to building detailed student knowledge and vocabulary.

Comprehensive and detailed

containing all key materials for teachers to teach a subject over a year, ready to use and adapt including embedded assessment.

Evidence-based teaching practices

reflect the growing evidence base for effective teaching practices, including explicit instruction, formative assessment and retrieval and spaced practice.

Include professional learning support

on how teachers can best adapt and use Ochre materials for their class and how curriculum leaders can lead implementation in their school.

Include scaffolding to support diverse learners

to meet diverse student needs.

Embed diversity

we have an unwavering commitment to breadth and diversity in all of our work.


so that teachers and schools can use them in a way that fits their context and meets the varying needs of students.

Our impact

Resources made available in our library.

Website users since we launched. Since we started registrations, 48,000+ Australian teachers have downloaded resources.

We support teachers from over 6,800 schools.

Percentage of schools with one or more teachers accessing our resources


Of users rate our library materials as high or very high quality.


Of teachers reporting our library resources have saved them time. On average, Ochre library resources have saved teachers 3 hours 20 minutes each week.


Of teachers reporting that our library resources have supported student progress.

What teachers tell us

Our teachers

We have a diverse range of talented teachers developing Ochre resources. Our Teacher-Creator team has included teachers from States and Territories across Australia, and from all schooling systems. We are extremely grateful that they have shared their expertise to support schools, teachers, students and families.

Our partners and donors

We are enormously grateful for the support of our partners and donors, both past and present. Thank you.