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People and Partners

Meet Our Team

Reid Smith


Reid is the founder and co-CEO of Ochre. Reid is a teacher and Head of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction at a 3 yo – Y12 school (Ballarat Clarendon College, Victoria). He is experienced in developing coherent curriculum across a range of year levels and contexts, and bridging the gap between educational research and practice.

Caroline Reed


Caroline is the founder and co-CEO of Ochre. Caroline is an experienced education policy maker and senior public servant in NSW and the UK. Her experience in education system support includes strategy and policy, large-scale system reform, and operational delivery, in collaboration with school leaders and the teaching profession.

Our Teachers

We have a diverse range of incredible teachers supporting Ochre. Our teacher team has included teachers from States and Territories across Australia, and from all schooling systems. We are extremely grateful that they have shared their expertise to support schools, teachers, students and families. 

Our Support Team

Production Support

Andy Suttle

Andy has spent most of her 25 year career working in Process Improvement, Organisational Change and People & Culture in the automotive and professional services industries. She has a MBA and is formally trained in Lean Six Sigma, Workplace Training & Assessment and Education Support.  Over recent years she has undertaken Orton Gillingham/Structured Literacy training out of the USA and has spent time helping children with learning difficulties.  She is passionate about equitable access to education so all children can have the choices education allows.  Andy is also a regular volunteer with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School’s pathways team.

Elizabeth Selby

Elizabeth spent her early career in manufacturing, managing the critical path from product development to delivery. She brings over a decade of production, operations and online expertise to Ochre Education. She has worked across cross-functional teams to meet project deliverables and solve problems in impactful ways. With an interest in equitable education outcomes, Elizabeth has written grant proposals for school improvement funding and volunteered/worked in learning support & intervention in a primary school setting.

Curriculum Support

Kenny Giblin

Kenny is Ochre’s Curriculum Lead. Kenny has successfully implemented evidence-based practices as both a school leader and a classroom teacher in metropolitan and regional primary schools in NSW. Kenny has also worked as a system leader in NSW Education to lead projects supporting teacher professional learning and accreditation.

Our Board

Ingrid Sealey

Ingrid is Founder and Director of Teach Well, which was established to provide support for teachers and school leaders to improve outcomes for the students in their classrooms and schools. She was awarded a Westpac Social Change Fellowship in 2020, recognising Teach Well’s work in driving positive social change and supporting students and teachers serving complex communities.

Julie Sonnemann

Julie is the education lead at Impact Economics and Policy, and former Deputy Program Director of Education at the Grattan Institute, an independent think tank in Melbourne. She has an extensive background in school education reform, and has co-authored several high-profile reports on effective teaching and educational disadvantage in schools. Julie has also worked in senior advisor roles in government and consulting in Australia and internationally. Julie is an economist by training.

Chris Cruikshank

Chris is co-founder and lawyer of Assured Legal Solutions, a boutique law firm supporting small-to-medium enterprises and their finance/capital partners.  He is also a co-founder of Lext, a legal tech company, offering innovative products in the legal training & education and dispute resolution sectors. 

Our Partners

We are very grateful that Ochre has been supported by a partnership with the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO).

Through the partnership, Ochre has produced  around 300 high-quality video lessons and 550 resources, such as lesson slides, worksheets and quizzes in Maths, English and Science. These resources were made available to teachers through AERO’s website and the Ochre platform.

Ochre Education is partnering with Catholic Education Canberra and Goulburn’s Catalyst program. Informed by the Science of Learning and Science of Reading, Catalyst develops excellent Principals, Leadership Teams and Teachers across all Catholic Education Canberra and Goulburn (CECG) schools through evidence-based professional learning programs. For more information visit:

Our Supporters

We’re very grateful to all of our supporters who have joined us in supporting schooling equity.