Select from our free, curriculum-linked teaching resources. All Ochre lessons reflect the current evidence base for effective teaching practices through the Science of Learning. All lessons are optional, flexible and fully adaptable, with teachers and schools being free to choose how to use them to best complement existing teaching and planning. See instructions below for how to download the slides to own a copy and edit.

Ochre lessons contain a combination of the following resources:

About the resourceHow you might use for your class
Daily review slides

Gives students access to short retrieval practice opportunities on key skills. Activities include written and choral responses.

The slides are available as both a series of single Daily Review lesson decks and a Master deck, fully customisable by teachers.

Daily Reviews are designed for a duration of about 15 to 25 minutes, but are fully adaptable for your class.

The Daily Review Schedule (built from the Shaping Minds Maths Curriculum), lays out the content covered in each week’s Daily Review slides (note: there are 2 individual slide sets per week in Foundation, and 3 per week in every other year).

Starter Quiz

Multiple-choice quiz which supports low-stakes formative assessment of prior knowledge.

Fully adaptable. Available for completion online, with feedback automatically provided for correct and incorrect responses. Can be projected for whole-class delivery (e.g., with students responding using mini-white boards for use as a ‘do now’ activity), or printable for individual completion in class or as homework.

Lesson slides

Supports teachers teaching the learning intentions. An explicit instruction methodology underpins the lesson progression. Includes teacher notes, with further guidance around common student misconceptions, pedagogical approaches etc.

Newer slides include a Check before Independent quiz. This is a Multiple-choice quiz designed to assess hinge point questions – whether students have successfully learnt the key ideas in the lesson before releasing to independent practice.

Lesson slides can be downloaded and edited to tailor the content to the needs of your class. To access, you will need to make a copy of the slides:

  • Once you have selected the download button from our website and are in the ‘view-only’ file – from the menu, navigate to file > make a copy > entire presentation.
  • A copy will be created of the file in a new browser tab, allowing you to own a copy and edit it on your desktop or mobile.
Retrieval quiz

Multiple-choice quiz which supports low-stakes formative assessment of prior knowledge.

Fully adaptable, as per the Starter Quiz.

Student worksheet

Practice tasks that require students to demonstrate and apply their new knowledge and skills.

Downloadable and editable, allowing teachers to adapt the resources for their own class, or to support homework.

Reteach slides

Flexible slides designed to allow teachers to select material to review key concepts, and for student application in areas that require additional practice.

These are downloadable and editable. They are flexible resources which can be used in whatever way a teacher thinks fit. For example:

  • Can be used to support Daily Review.
  • Can be used within a lesson, if additional consolidation of a key concept is needed to support students to gain mastery before independent practice.
  • Might be used as an additional support at the start of the next lesson, if required.
Recorded lesson video

A video of the teacher teaching the lesson using the lesson slides and worksheets.

Watch the video to inspire and refine how you will explain new content. Support students with homework.

Use as a model of high impact teaching practices, to support professional learning individually, or as a team.

Our classroom materials are supported by:

Curriculum Map

For each subject there is a map that provides:

  • Details about all units of work in each year level.
  • Details of the core content that students will learn.
  • Links to the Australian Curriculum version 9.

Quickly find units to meet your needs to refresh your curriculum.

Read through the core content listed for each lesson to help you decide which units are most relevant, and to adapt the unit to meet the needs of your students and school.

Professional learning resources

Access our suite of free evidence-based professional learning materials:

  • High-impact teaching practices videos and group facilitation guides.
  • Example curriculum planning materials.
  • Webinars.

The resources can be used for activities for self-directed professional reflection, or a group professional learning session.

Can support whole-school collaborative curriculum planning.

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